Clayton Watson



For as long as I can remember, I have had a basketball in my hands. Growing up in a small community, you would find me either at my church, school gym, or the black top during the summer time playing the game of basketball - the game I LOVE!


I have accomplished many things throughout my basketball career, some of which include multiple league and tournament wins, MVP selections, All-Star selections, scoring titles, team and all-star captain rolls and more. I currently hold records for 'Most Points Scored in a Season' and 'Most Points Scored in a Single Game' in the Southern Alberta Sunshine league (1A-3A). College and Elite Men’s League basketball followed, with great experiences ranging from winning one of the biggest Men’s League Tournaments in Alberta and multiple NBA 3-on-3 Championships.


I am currently the president of the CLS Minor Basketball Association in Chestermere, and Head Coach of the U15 Midget girls team.  I have also Coached U13 girls in community and U15 Midget girls club teams. Last year was an amazing experience with my U13 girls wining the Division II CMBA Championship after starting the season 2-4.  I was so proud of them and amazed to see the progression they made throughout the season!  I also had an amazing U15 Club team who won the Visions tourney and placed top 3 in every other tourney except one in the spring of 2016.


Basketball has been a 40 year passion of mine and 8 years ago, I realized how awesome it was to pass on the knowledge that I have gained over the years, when I started to teach my own daughters the game of basketball. Not only did I personally gain respect for Women’s basketball, I found a great desire to pass on my personal knowledge to young ladies, like my daughters, who are eager to learn the game and truly want to become great basketball players. When I coach I DEMAND only one thing - A Perfect Effort.  When that becomes the focus, everything else will follow. 


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