Ethan Brown


Ethan Brown was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. He started playing ball at the age of five. It wasn’t until grade eight when he started to truly take basketball seriously. In grade eight, Ethan joined the CYDC basketball program, and started on a development team. The next year, he progressed to play on a Travel Team. During his grade ten season, he also played on a Travel Team, but was then called up at the end of the year to play in Vegas with the Elite Team. Unfortunately, this would be the last time Ethan would play for CYDC, as injuries would cause him to miss his spring season in grades eleven and twelve also. 

Since Ethan has been plagued with injuries his entire life, he has learned the true meaning of mental toughness. Due to his injuries and his program choice for university, he is not playing post secondary, but he still wants basketball to be part of his life. That is why he wanted to return to CYDC, to keep his passion for the game alive, teach the philosophies he learned from CYDC to younger generations, and give back to the program that gave him so much.  


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