Owen Dias


Owen Dias is a new coach to the CYDC program.  Owen comes to us from Ottawa and with him brings his enthusiasm for basketball.  Owen started loving and playing the sport at the age of 12, and was destined to be involved for life.  Standing tall at 6’9”, Owen played basketball throughout High school and into College, playing 3 years for Alqonquin in Ottawa.  During his College years Owen also coached basketball at many YMCA camps, College camps and took on the role as coach for the senior girls team for a high school in Ottawa. 

New to Calgary, Owen is excited to get back into coaching, and is looking forward to being a part of the CYDC family and sharing his passion for the sport with the players.  Owen believes that as a player and a coach the more effort you put in to something, the greater the result.  He is prepared to put in 100% effort and is looking forward to a great season!


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