Rica Migrino


Rica Migrino was born in Cebu, Philippines then moved to Toronto at the age of 9. She then played a few years of junior/intermediate level basketball until she moved to Calgary, Alberta. She continued her basketball journey through middle school and all the way through high school while playing club basketball at the same time. An unfortunate knee injury caused her to decide that it was time to give up her biggest dream of playing post-secondary basketball. However, for her love of the sport she continued to stay involved in the basketball community by coaching her two younger siblings who are also in the CYDC program. 


In the last four years, Rica has coached at the beginners level, junior high level, and high school level for both boys and girls. As one of the younger coaches in our program, she has developed a sense of knowledge, confidence, leadership, commitment, passion, and intensity in her coaching style. She has been trained by higher-level coaches in the program and wishes to become one of the top female coaches in the nation. Through personal experience and with our athlete’s always in action, Rica always emphasizes the importance of staying healthy by reminding our athlete’s to take care of their bodies to reduce risk of possible injuries that can cause major setbacks. Rica’s number one priority for athletes is to not only develop skills in the sport – but for our athlete’s to develop a strong sense of discipline, self-confidence, mental toughness and most importantly – to have fun and love the game. 


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