Terence Santiano


Winnipeg, Manitoba may seem like an unlikely place for anyone to fully appreciate a game like basketball. But in November when the thermometer drops to -30C and stays put until March, you learn to appreciate the warmth of a gym. From elementary all the way up through high school, I have played on some sort of organized sport team and at different levels. From club volleyball to high school basketball, I have played and enjoyed an assortment of successes and learned from my many failures.

My first foray into coaching was in Winnipeg, where I was an assistant to a junior high basketball team and when I made the move to Calgary, I first started coaching at the community level at Eastview, then at Bow River. I was also an active member in Bow River for 4 years coordinating teams from the Tykes level all the way up to Bantams.   

I want to take what I’ve learned as a player, a coach, and a coordinator to help foster the same appreciation and love I have for this game. Not every child will have an opportunity to play basketball at the highest level, but every child has the potential to become something great.

My coaching philosophy is simple: hard work and attention to detail. These are skills that I hope to pass on to our children on and off the court.

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